I am Óscar,
your guide at Tortuguero
(Costa Rica)

(You may wonder why I say that I am your guide at Tortuguero if we do not know each other yet…”)


Because I grew up here and Tortuguero is my sweet home. I know my country as much as I love it and I feel so proud to show it to you. I am sure you will also love it when you know it.


Because I give you the opportunity of living the same way I live my homeland: to visit the sites I love, to practice the activities we like to practice here , to eat the best we eat here, etc.


Because I am an official guide with over 8 years of experience and I am certified by the Tourism Institute of Costa Rica. In addition, I can speak English and Spanish.


Because I am sure that any tour you choose will make you to increase your love and respect for the Mother Nature. Knowing this stunning natural paradise, its flora, fauna and people, will leave an unforgettable mark on you. I guarantee your entire satisfaction, if you were not satisfied with my services I will refund the total amount of the tour.

More reasons…

  • I can provide transfers from or to Tortuguero.
  • You will live the best experiencies at Tortuguero: hiking through the jungle at night, canoeing at sunset, wildlife and flora, etc.
  • I also offer other activities and experiences around Costa Rica and especially at the National Park of Corcovado.

Tortuguero Experiences and Guided Tours

Experience the real “Pura Vida” feeling with the best selection of activities at Tortuguero’s National Park
Tours de Mowglitours en Tortuguero Costa Rica

Deep into the village of Tortuguero and its inhabitans

Lose yourself in this charming Caribbean town where there are no cars and people go from one place to another on foot or by bicycle. Experience the genuine pace of life, culture and customs of Tortuguero

Baby turtles hatching at Tortuguero

Baby turtles hatching at Tortuguero

Take part in the magic moment they are born Turtle Beach Tortuguero

Guía turístico nativo nacido en Tortuguero

Hike Tortuguero Hill

Go up to the highest point of the Natural Park of Tortuguero and enjoy the spectacular panoramic views. During the journey, you will be able to see up close the famous red frogs of Costa Rica, an animal so exotic and beautiful as poisonous.

Desove de las tortugas en Tortuguero

Giant sea turtles laying their eggs on the beach at Tortuguero

Spectacular night walk along the paradisiacal Tortuguero beach to observe the nesting turtles

Ruta Guiada de Flora Exótica en Tortuguero

Astonishing flora at Tortuguero

Discover the lush flora of Tortuguero and learn about medicinal plants that still use the natives and their properties

Ruta Guiada de Ornitología Exótica en Tortuguero

Exotic ornithology at Tortuguero

Bird watching canoe paddle with the possibility of self along the guide if you want to enjoy the tranquility of the canals and the nature that surrounds them.

Ruta Guiada por la Selva de Tortuguero

Night trip through the jungle

Delve into the heart of the forest in the natural park of Tortuguero where you experience the mystery sounds, sensations ... an adventure.

Ruta Guiada en Canoa por los Canales de Tortuguero

Canoeing in the National Park of Tortuguero

Experience the sunset in Tortugero while sailing in a traditional canoe for enjoying the exotic fauna and flora and, above all , the magical atmosphere that is created when the moonlight floods the place channels.

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I guarantee the total refund of your booking if you are not fully satisfied with my services.

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